Tuesday, August 28, 2012


  1. Your work is wonderful and so inspiring. I love to see your sketches and then how you turn them into colour images. I'm glad i found your work because today it helped me stay motivated to see that if i work hard i can achieve great things, like you have done yourself!! Keep posting!!

  2. Mel - Glad, that you like my stuff!
    And... BIG thanks for your kind words, mate!
    You said - "it helped me stay motivated"... I must say, that your comment give me a bunch of motivations to the future work, man!
    Thank you, Mel!

  3. Truly inspiring work ! What did you use to color the monster ?

  4. Anonymous - Thank you!!!
    I used a photoshop.

  5. (Anonymous above is me, actually^^)

    I meant, did you use a Cintiq ?

    Hope to see you soon on Conceptart.org when the forum's back ! (my username : Belette666)

    Cheers !

  6. Jean - aaaaa...hello, mate)!
    No, I didn't use a Cintiq. Simply PC with wacom tablet.
    Yeah, I am waiting when they update the forum.
    Belette666 - cool! I'll remember your nickname!

  7. You're using a Wacom tablet even for drawing ? Gosh, I have one too, and I find it hard as hell !

    You can find my "work" under the name "Grim" Workshop" on the forum ;)

    See you !